When you enter into our manicure salon in Winnipeg, you feel the charm and the close proximity to the environment. We have created the ambiance only to pamper you in a more vibrant way.


Pamper your feet in a more luxurious way only at Posh Nails & Spa, the most popular pedicure salon in Winnipeg. Treat your feet with our exclusive pedicure at the most competitive prices.


Give your nails a vibrant look and make them colorful! Posh Nails & Spa is a popular nails art salon in Winnipeg where your nails get the look that you desire. Our creative and skilled estheticians give your nails a completely new look that compliments your personality.


Classic Manicure
+ $17.00
French Manicure
+ $22.00
Hand Polish Change
+ $10.00
French Polish Change
+ $15.00
Nail Art (2 nails)
+ $5.00
Nail Art (Full set)from
+ $10.00
Shellac Manicure
+ $35.00
Shellac Polish change
+ $25.00


Spa Pedicure
+ $25.00
Deluxe pedicure
+ $45.00
Royal pedicure
+ $55.00
Fungus Treatment
+ $30.00
Sugar Scrub Pedicure
+ $30.00
Toe Polish Change
+ $12.00
Toe Cure
+ $16.00
French Pedicure
+ $30.00
Shellac Pedicure
+ $45.00
+ $10.00
Shellac Polish change
+ $25.00


Acrylic Full Set (with regular polish )
+ $35.00
Acrylic Fill (with regular polish )
+ $25.00
Organic Gel Full Set
+ $45.00
Organic Fill
+ $35.00
UV gel fill (included gel color)
+ $35.00
Pink & White Fill
+ $35.00
UV Gel Full Set (included gel color)
+ $45.00
LCN Gel Full Set (included gel color)
+ $55.00
LCN Gel Fill (included gel color)
+ $45.00
Gel color
+ $10.00
Glitter ( 2 fingers )
+ $5.00
+ $10.00
Design & Rhinestones from
+ $5.00

Get Your Nails Done by Posh Nails & Spa

Book an appointment with Posh Nails and Spa to get your nails, fingers, and toes treated. Here are Posh Nails and Spa services for your hands and feet. Be sure to read each item description and choose the one you need right now. If you are unsure with which to pick, allow the staff to make a suggestion depending on your budget and allotted time!

Manicure – The Best Way to Take Care of Your Hands

Manicure is both a beauty and wellness treatment for your hands. This involves cleaning the nails for any foreign substance, trimming to an adorable, yet functional length, and grooming with polish. This also includes massage with oil or other products that can cleanse the skin surface and add vitamins through the pores. 

Classic Manicure – $17.00

Classic manicure is the standard hand treatment for cleaning and cleaning. It includes clipping, shaping, and buffing the nails. Dry skin and cuticles cut will also be treated. A base coat will be applied to the nails followed by the customer’s choice of nail polish which is then finished with a top coat before setting to dry. The process may take 30 minutes to an hour but the polish lasts for 7 to 10 days.

French Manicure – $22.00

French manicure undergoes a similar process to classic but its distinguishing feature is having a noticeable thick, white end and pink, clear body. It is more difficult to execute, however, as sloppy work could result in a sad state. Precision is key. 

Hand Polish Change – $10.00

Simply put, this is the process of changing or reapplying the polish on the fingernails. No trimming or cleaning will be done but there will be a small amount of massage. This can only be offered to classic manicured nails.

French Polish Change – $15.00

Similarly to hand polish change, French polish change is a service offered to French manicured nails. No trimming or cleaning will be done but there will be a massage for the tired palms.

Nail Art – 2 Nails $5.00 / Full Set $10.00

Nail art is painting over the nails. Instead of using a flat polish, the stylist will create a beautiful image of your choice on your fingernails! The stylist can give a catalogue of choices or one may request something more specific. If you’re in the mood to explore, feel free to ask the stylist to be creative with your fingers!

Shellac Manicure – $35.00

Shellac is a special nail polish that is a mix of gel polish and traditional polish. The result has the vibrance of traditional polish but with the durability and endurance of gel. It is a patented formula with only around 100 shades so the branded products are expensive. Nevertheless, they take the same amount of time to apply as classic manicures but can last between two to three weeks.

Shellac Polish Change – $25.00

Cutting to the chase, this involves changing or reapplying the shellac polish. However, this nail polish does last so long. By the time you reach your second week, your nails are already in need of trimming once again. Thus, the shellac polish change service is only taken to change colours.

Pedicure – The Ultimate Way to Treat Your Feet 

Pedicure is to feet what manicure is for hands. It involves trimming, filing, and buffing toenails then applying nail polish for grooming and protection. However, the feet are more prone to sweating and fungal buildup than the hands so all services below involve spa treatment.  

Spa Pedicure – $25.00

Spa pedicures include foot soak, foot massage, and exfoliation. It is then followed by a hot towel rub and a paraffin wax dip before the process of a pedicure. During nail treatments, however, one of the feet will remain soaked in a scented basin. Done toenails are kept dry before further massage. The process can take an hour or more.

Deluxe Pedicure – $45.00

Deluxe pedicure includes warm sugar exfoliation and cream foot massage. Nail shaping, cuticle care, and buffing are also involved in this process but with the addition of warm cream hand massage for the soles. Instead of a standard scented basin, the feet are dipped in a whirlpool foot bath. 

Royal Pedicure – $55.00

Royal pedicure involves a thorough cleaning and relaxation treatment for the feet. It involves a royal foot cleansing ritual for removing hard skin followed by a foot scrub and cuticle treatment. Nail grooming applies together with a foot massage and ends with a perfect polish. Treatment time lasts for 40 minutes at least.

Fungus Treatment – $30.00

Other than pampering, sometimes a foot treatment is a necessity. Fungal treatment is suggested for people with noticeable build-ups or unexplainable odour. This process includes using antifungal powder and medicine in case of open wounds. Fungal infection can happen due to bad salon practices. No such case is caused by Posh Nails and Spa but some customers got their infections from other salons.

Sugar Scrub Pedicure – $30.00

Sugar scrub is a process for removing dead skin cells and debris that cannot be washed off by simple rubbing. It is a deep cleaning method that also ensures a very relaxing result for the skin. 

Toe Polish Change – $12.00

Toe polish change is simply the process of reapplying or replacing toenail polish. One can choose this for simply changing colours or to prolong their already established style.

Toe Cure – $16.00

Curing involves exposing the toenail polish to UV rays. The desired result is hardening the polish so it is not only pretty but sturdy and ready to take on any shock without cracking or scratching. This can only be taken after any of the pedicure services.

French Pedicure – $30.00

A French pedicure is very similar to a French manicure. It has thick white edges and a pale, pink body. 

Shellac Pedicure – $45.00

This involves using shellac polish for the toenails. This is a mix between the vibrant hue of traditional polish and the sturdiness of gel polish. The results are polish that lasts longer than the traditional.

Shellac Removal – $10.00

Since shellac can be stubborn, most people need a removal service. They usually last for two to three weeks but you’re free to come by Posh Nails and Spa to remove them at any time.

Shellac Polish Change – $25.00

Shellac polish change involves reapplying a new polish. This is for either replacing the colour or prolonging its effectiveness.

Posh Nails – Fun Way to Bring Out Your Glamour

Don’t just settle for a fresh polish when you can have a glamorous set of painting on your fingertips! Browse through the vibrant selection below to learn what makes Posh Nails and Spa a popular nails art salon in Winnipeg! You can choose from a catalogue or allow estheticians to get creative with each nail!

Acrylic with Regular Polish – Fill $25.00 / Full Set $35.00

Acrylic is the most popular, and cheapest, nail polish. It is a blend using powdered plastic that gives the nail its vibrant, opaque colouration. They are also easier to apply and dry but they don’t last long. 

Organic Gel – Fill $35.00 / Full Set $45.00

An organic gel is a product that contains no acids or monomers. It is a harmless adhesive and coating for the nail and the product to be applied on top of it. 

UV Gel (Included Gel Colour) – Fill $35.00 / Full Set $45.00

Coloured gel nail polish adds a glossy colour to the nail. This is then cured using ultraviolet (UV) to increase its durability and hardness.

LCN Gel (Included Gel Colour) – Fill $45.00 / Full Set $55.00

Light cured nail (LCN) gel uses less intense light for curing. The desired effect is as sturdy as UV gel but without the harm of UV rays. The process can take longer than the alternative.

Gel Colour – $10.00

All of the gel-based nail art above only includes one colour. Add $10 more for each additional colour you wish the esthetician uses. 

Glitter – 2 Fingers $5.00 / Full Set $10.00

Glitter can be added to the polish solution before being applied to the nails. These can add a shimmering shine to your fingertips. 

Design & Rhinestone – $5.00 and Up

Colour and gloss are not the only decoration for your fingertips. You can ask for patterns, images, or rhinestones to add character to your hands. Have your nails wear them like a tiara!

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