Eyelash Extensions: Wakeup Everyday with an Utterly Flawless Look

It is a dream for every woman to get longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes. The fake eyelashes can never enhance the natural beauty of yours. If you want to wake up looking flawless every day, count on us today. Once you avail our eyelash extension services, you don’t need to use mascara or curlers to look beautiful.


When you come to our eyelash extensions salon in Winnipeg after an appointment, one of our eyelash stylists will conduct a complete eyelash consultation with you. After knowing your lifestyles, type of hair and outdoor activities, they choose the most suitable eyelash for you and apply them one by one to your natural eyelashes to give you an utterly flawless look.

Eyelash Extensions

Party Lash (last 2-5 days)
Pre-Attached Lash Strip
Individual Lash Extensions (classic full set lash extensions )
Classic lash extension fill
Dramatic volume lash extensions
Dramatic volume lash fill
Lashes removal

$ 55.00

Eyelash Extensions and Why You Should Have Them

A lot of people want to have a longer pair of eyelashes. For some reason, having longer lashes really looks good on any person, whether it may be a male or a female. Amazingly, it creates such a huge impact on how a person looks. 

As many people may not have been that blessed with dreamy eyelashes, extensions have been a popular way to have them enhanced. With that, we made sure to pamper our customers as we made this service available here at Posh Nails and Spa. 

So, if you are thinking about getting one for yourself, then here are some things that you may want to learn more about eyelash extensions and why you should be getting them. 

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibres that are attached to your natural lashes to make them look longer. These extensions are applied one by one with the help of semi-permanent glue that can make these extensions last for months. 

One great thing about extensions is that it allows customers to customize what type of lashes they want to have. By trying out different lash extension materials and experimenting with length, curl, and volume, it is always guaranteed that customers can get their desired results. 

Why eyelash extensions are worth it 

Now that you know more about lash extensions, you may be more convinced to have one. If not, then here are more reasons why we think you should have them. 

They look good

Having lash extensions just makes your eyes look more lively and more dramatic. By having one, your eyes will be more expressive with the emotions that you show. Aside from that, they will also look good in pictures since they are more visible. 

They save you time

By having lash extensions, you will have more time for yourself. It is upon waking up with full lashes that you will realize that you saved time on applying false eyelashes or mascara. You are also spared from the need to constantly retouch your lashes. At night, you will no longer need to remove your extensions or mascara in your nightly routine. 

This also helps you save money since you will have less consumption of lash products such as mascara, eyelash glue, fake eyelashes, makeup remover, and the like.

They make you feel more confident

Without having to place a lot of makeup on your face, having longer lashes can make you more confident in facing other people. It also makes you move better because they are waterproof. That way, you move confidently without the need to fear for your mascara. 

Although it may feel a little different for a while, one can easily adjust it to after a few hours or days. That way, you won’t have to worry about being awkward with them since they feel really light.