Posh Spa: Trendy nail designs

Posh Spa: Trendy nail designs

Gorgeous nails hold a certain degree of influence in a woman’s confidence. A woman of class often sports her nails with an air of decadence and grace. No matter what everyone thinks, a good nail pampering once in a while won’t hurt a woman’s ego. So, go out there and enjoy a graceful flick of your hands with a freshly manicured look.

Here at Posh Spa, we’ll show you the best designs that will instantly give you the ten out of ten looks. Of course, when it comes to nail design, nothing could beat the simplicity and chicness of classic. 

These gorgeous designs don’t run out of style. It is simply too good, women from generation to generation are still coming back to the all reliable classic. Discover what these versatile staples have to offer here at Posh Spa. Here are some of our favourite classic looks that are a definite head-turner. Hold the world in your perfectly manicured hands with these gorgeous looks!

Classic and chic nail designs by us

  1. Natural french tip

Elaborate nail arts are pretty and all, but the crown for the crowd’s favourite still goes to the classic french tip. It has a look that screams effortless and classy. Moreover, this gorgeous design goes with anything!

You don’t have to worry about your planned outfits being foiled by your nail colour. The natural french tip is all you need for your versatile lifestyle. 

  1. Different ring finger colour

If you are looking to jazz up your simple nail design, this look is perfect for you. It nails the subtle but peculiar look by changing the nail polish for the ring finger. Choose a contrasting but complementing colour to make your nails stand out!

  1. Go garnet

Nothing spells power more strongly than red. Painting your nails with the eye-catching garnet will make you feel like a true lady boss! Spice it up with a gold tip and you are ready to dominate the world one fingertip at a time. 

  1. Rose gold tips

If you want to go for a trendier, sophisticated, and classy look, try this pale pink and rose gold design. It has the most glamorous combination of colours that has the same tantalizing vibe as jewelry. 

  1. Be subtle with your sparkle

Sparkles and glitters are the perfect way to jazz up your look. Having plain and simple nails just doesn’t cut it. Bedazzle your nails with the subtle glitter looks from Posh Spa. 

  1. Play with the negative

Using contrasting colours for your fingernails is the sure-fire way to make it stand out. Play with the negative and positive tones and create your own, unique look. 

  1. Gradient 

Gradient nails are a simple but fun way to combine your two favourite colours into one. The fading effect is simply too mesmerizing to look at.