Posh Spa: Benefits of foot massage

Posh Spa: Benefits of foot massage

Foot spa is a part of the massage options that we have here at Posh Spa. This service will give you the relaxation you’re hoping for because we use therapeutic oils and ingredients that will soothe you. Additionally, our foot massage will give you refreshment and smooth and glowing skin that will give you model-like feet. 

Foot spa in Posh Spa

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, having time for yourself is the key to take your mind off of your problems. Massages and therapies will give you that and more. Discover more of the benefits of foot massage below:

Improves blood circulation

One of the best benefits of foot massage is it improves blood circulation since not a lot of people get to do daily exercise, resulting in the feet being stagnant. What adds to the issue is wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. If all of these match your current situation, then you’ll need to book a foot massage in our spa!

Moreover, aside from massage, a daily walk for 10 to 20 minutes can already help in blood circulation. This is helpful for people who have diabetes because it increases the blood flow on the legs and feet. 

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is common in the past few years mostly because of stress, poor diet, genetics and other reasons. To lower blood pressure, pressure to the acupressure points should be applied on the sole. This will help relieve tension and ache there. Even massaging the foot for 10 minutes can already make a difference and reduce blood pressure, anxiety and improve your mood. 

Reduces anxiety and depression

Aside from letting you relax physically, foot massages also allow you to relax your mind and free it from problems. This has a great effect in reducing anxiety, stress and depression that can lead to a more serious mental health problem. 

Speed the recovery of injuries

Another benefit of foot massage is relieving your feet from pain or injury that have caused you problems on your feet. Some minor foot injuries can be healed by massages, however, you have to remember that too much pressure on injured areas will only worsen the situation. So before letting us massage your feet, make sure to ask for advice from a doctor to know if your feet are allowed to be massaged.

Reduces oedema during pregnancy

Pregnant women are prone to oedema, which is the swelling of feet and ankles because of fluid retention. Going on a daily foot massage can help combat oedema due to the firm and gentle pressure we apply on the feet. 

Improves immune function

Foot massage can improve your immune system because it concentrates on the activity of white blood cells. This will help you improve combating infections and other types of diseases that will put your health in danger.