Posh Spa: How to properly take care of your nails

Your nails are prone to damage because they go through a lot throughout your day. Although we can provide you with the best nail services available in the whole world here at Posh Spa, it’s up to you to take care of them after.

As much as possible, we want to care for your nails 24/7. The best way that we can do this is to provide you with some tips that you can take home with you after you get your manicure done in our salon. 

To help you prolong the lifespan of your beautiful nails, we have compiled some simple tips that you can follow:

Moisturize them regularly

It has been known for the longest time that moisturization is important for the skin as well as your hair. However, what people often overlook is their nails. This part of your body needs just as much moisturization as any other because it can help them be stronger and healthier.

To do this, you can use the same lotion that you apply to your hands and give your nails some much-needed attention. But, there are also specific lotions that are labelled ‘intensive care’ which is perfect for healthier hands and stronger nails.

Be gentle with them

As much as possible, be gentle with your nails. It’s understandable to use your hands for the majority of the tasks that to do throughout the day but it’s always good to remember to be gentle with them.

For example, you should never use them as a replacement for any kind of tool. Some people use their nails to open cans of soda which should be avoided as it can crack them easily.

Being gentle also applies during your cleaning process. When removing dirt stuck between your nails, make sure not to use an overly sharpened nail file because it can severely damage the nail plate.

Avoid biting them

One of the most common mistakes that people make is nail-biting. Doing this not only damage your cuticle but your teeth as well. Also, your hand comes in contact with different surfaces throughout the day and biting your nails will only transfer germs and bacteria into your mouth.

Trim them regularly

Trimming your nails should be done regularly. You should never grow ut out to the point where it can get damaged easily. Growing them out makes them more prone to chipping and trauma.

Also, it would be more ethical and hygienic to keep them short so that germs, dirt and bacteria won’t have a home to accumulate in.

Cut your nails properly 

At first, you would think that cutting your nails is a straightforward procedure. However, there are some things that you need to remember that will help you take proper care of your nails.

The first thing to note is that you should only use sharp nail clippers so that you can cut the nail in one swift motion. This lessens the damage and trauma to your nails and it can also help you with your accuracy.

The next thing that you need to remember is to round the edges of your nails after cutting them. This strengthens the nail itself instead of having sharp corners that are prone to cracking.

Posh Spa: Benefits of foot massage

Posh Spa: Benefits of foot massage

Foot spa is a part of the massage options that we have here at Posh Spa. This service will give you the relaxation you’re hoping for because we use therapeutic oils and ingredients that will soothe you. Additionally, our foot massage will give you refreshment and smooth and glowing skin that will give you model-like feet. 

Foot spa in Posh Spa

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, having time for yourself is the key to take your mind off of your problems. Massages and therapies will give you that and more. Discover more of the benefits of foot massage below:

Improves blood circulation

One of the best benefits of foot massage is it improves blood circulation since not a lot of people get to do daily exercise, resulting in the feet being stagnant. What adds to the issue is wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. If all of these match your current situation, then you’ll need to book a foot massage in our spa!

Moreover, aside from massage, a daily walk for 10 to 20 minutes can already help in blood circulation. This is helpful for people who have diabetes because it increases the blood flow on the legs and feet. 

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is common in the past few years mostly because of stress, poor diet, genetics and other reasons. To lower blood pressure, pressure to the acupressure points should be applied on the sole. This will help relieve tension and ache there. Even massaging the foot for 10 minutes can already make a difference and reduce blood pressure, anxiety and improve your mood. 

Reduces anxiety and depression

Aside from letting you relax physically, foot massages also allow you to relax your mind and free it from problems. This has a great effect in reducing anxiety, stress and depression that can lead to a more serious mental health problem. 

Speed the recovery of injuries

Another benefit of foot massage is relieving your feet from pain or injury that have caused you problems on your feet. Some minor foot injuries can be healed by massages, however, you have to remember that too much pressure on injured areas will only worsen the situation. So before letting us massage your feet, make sure to ask for advice from a doctor to know if your feet are allowed to be massaged.

Reduces oedema during pregnancy

Pregnant women are prone to oedema, which is the swelling of feet and ankles because of fluid retention. Going on a daily foot massage can help combat oedema due to the firm and gentle pressure we apply on the feet. 

Improves immune function

Foot massage can improve your immune system because it concentrates on the activity of white blood cells. This will help you improve combating infections and other types of diseases that will put your health in danger. 

Posh Spa: Importance of nail care

Since we use our hands in almost every task we do, taking proper care of it is important. Having nail care treatments once in a while is a must for men and women alike. If you don’t know what nail care routine to follow, then Homeil Nail is here to help!  

Here in this article, you will get the chance to know all about proper nail care and what to do once they get dirty. Your nails are just as important as any other body parts. So, without further ado, let’s get into nail cleaning!

Importance of nail care

  • Protection from injury. 

You may not be aware of this, but nails are the ones who protect our hands from injuries. We also depend on them on every task we do. Keep in mind that without them protecting us, our delicate tissues will be at risk, both from physical injury and infection. This is why regular nail care is important for us. 

  • Skincare. 

The skin on your hand and feet are just as important as the skin of your face. This is why we highly advise doing cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing in these areas. 

  • Aesthetics. 

Aside from the benefits that nails provide, it is also a great aesthetic that many people love to show off. With beautiful nail designs, you are sure to attract attention during parties, reunions and any types of special occasion. By having proper nail care, it can even boost your confidence when talking to people around you. Since your hands are always exposed you must keep them healthy, neat and trimmed.

  • You can know the problems before they even start. 

By cleaning your nails regularly, you will be able to know if you have any medical problems like fungal infections, devastating bacterias and many more. Moreover, you can also consult with our professional esthetician to monitor your skin and nails regularly. By having proper nail care, you can treat them before they become an even painful problem.

Things to avoid doing 

Your nails must always be clean, dry and neat-looking at all times. To avoid any nail damage from happening, here are some things you need to avoid. 

  • Biting your nails 

Biting your nails not only prevents them from growing but can cause a ton of swelling and infections as well. Since the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body, it can affect your nails easily. So as much as possible, try your best to prevent this from ever happening again. Every time someone bites their nails, the bacteria from the mouth gets on and underneath the nail, which can pose a risk for your health as well. 

  • Ignoring signs of infection

When you notice something different with your nails, try to consult a nail esthetician right away. These types of infections can eventually cause larger damage if you ignore it. Moreover, these are often mistaken for signs like excess calcium and keratin.  

  • Avoid drying products

While using a hand sanitizer or alcohol may be a good way to cleanse germs residing in your hands, it also makes your nails brittle at the same time. SO when trying to apply any drying products, make sure to avoid getting it on your nails.

Posh Spa: The benefits of getting a foot spa

In need of deep relaxation in a stress-free environment? Book an appointment in Posh Spa today and be amazed by the magic touch of our therapists! After a long day at work, you deserve a satisfying massage that will soothe your body and make you feel relaxed.  

In Posh Spa, we offer a foot spa service that can take care of your feet to the fullest. We only use natural and toxic-free oils in all of our treatments because we want our clients to experience genuine care every time they ask for our services.

Aside from massages, our spa also offers cosmetic treatments that will enhance their beauty and help them achieve a youthful glow. You’ll find a wide range of these waiting for you and each one can work wonders in your skin. 

Benefits of our foot spa

Foot spa has a lot of benefits that can improve your health. If you want to discover the health benefits of a foot spa, then head over to Posh Spa and let us give you the best foot spa services that you deserve.

Here are the following foot care benefits that foot spa can give you:

Reduce headaches

Foot pain isn’t the only thing that’s aching after a long day at work, even a headache can develop during work hours because of the stress it can bring. Foot care in our spa can relieve the pain on your foot and also your headache or migraine. 

Our therapists’ technique is by keying on specific acupressure points to improve blood circulation. There are also parts on your feet that correspond to the pain in your head. 

Reduce depression and anxiety

Our foot care can help reduce depression and anxiety because it will help you relax and release some negative energy from your mind and body. Depression and anxiety can be caused by a lot of things and it includes the stress you experience daily. With our foot care, you’ll release negative thoughts and emotions. 

Help improve circulation

Foot care can improve your blood circulation because the foot massage that our therapists do can direct blood easily all over your body. When you’re tense, your blood tightens up, that’s why you experience body pain. 

Help with insomnia 

Those who have trouble sleeping can be helped by foot care. Insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, and more. With our foot spa, your body can be more relaxed and at ease. 


Arthritis has always been one of the top problems of people in their daily lives. This is caused by your joints and muscles being sore. Some people turn to doctor-prescribed medicines to help them relieve the pain. 

Fortunately, by just a simple foot massage, you can already help yourself be free from pain. Our foot care can decrease joint inflammation and relax your muscles all over the body.

Posh Spa: Trendy nail designs

Posh Spa: Trendy nail designs

Gorgeous nails hold a certain degree of influence in a woman’s confidence. A woman of class often sports her nails with an air of decadence and grace. No matter what everyone thinks, a good nail pampering once in a while won’t hurt a woman’s ego. So, go out there and enjoy a graceful flick of your hands with a freshly manicured look.

Here at Posh Spa, we’ll show you the best designs that will instantly give you the ten out of ten looks. Of course, when it comes to nail design, nothing could beat the simplicity and chicness of classic. 

These gorgeous designs don’t run out of style. It is simply too good, women from generation to generation are still coming back to the all reliable classic. Discover what these versatile staples have to offer here at Posh Spa. Here are some of our favourite classic looks that are a definite head-turner. Hold the world in your perfectly manicured hands with these gorgeous looks!

Classic and chic nail designs by us

  1. Natural french tip

Elaborate nail arts are pretty and all, but the crown for the crowd’s favourite still goes to the classic french tip. It has a look that screams effortless and classy. Moreover, this gorgeous design goes with anything!

You don’t have to worry about your planned outfits being foiled by your nail colour. The natural french tip is all you need for your versatile lifestyle. 

  1. Different ring finger colour

If you are looking to jazz up your simple nail design, this look is perfect for you. It nails the subtle but peculiar look by changing the nail polish for the ring finger. Choose a contrasting but complementing colour to make your nails stand out!

  1. Go garnet

Nothing spells power more strongly than red. Painting your nails with the eye-catching garnet will make you feel like a true lady boss! Spice it up with a gold tip and you are ready to dominate the world one fingertip at a time. 

  1. Rose gold tips

If you want to go for a trendier, sophisticated, and classy look, try this pale pink and rose gold design. It has the most glamorous combination of colours that has the same tantalizing vibe as jewelry. 

  1. Be subtle with your sparkle

Sparkles and glitters are the perfect way to jazz up your look. Having plain and simple nails just doesn’t cut it. Bedazzle your nails with the subtle glitter looks from Posh Spa. 

  1. Play with the negative

Using contrasting colours for your fingernails is the sure-fire way to make it stand out. Play with the negative and positive tones and create your own, unique look. 

  1. Gradient 

Gradient nails are a simple but fun way to combine your two favourite colours into one. The fading effect is simply too mesmerizing to look at. 

Are Facials good For the Skin – Posh Nails and Spa gives verdict

Some people nowadays may tell you that facials are ultimately bad for your skin, and that we should chuck out all our facials out of the window!

You may ask, “Are Facials Good For the Skin?”

While it is true that many products today are ultimately harmful because of their high chemical content, there are still so many products that do not harm the human skin at all. If at all, these are beneficial for the skin.

Here are some benefits of having a facial:

1) These help to keep away the effect of dust, pollution, stress, smoking, and environmental factors. Thus, you skin shines naturally.

2) The facial skin on women age faster than men. Facials reduce stress while slows down the aging process.

3) These can benefit your skin in numerous ways.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to what kind of product you are using. We understand the side effects of using poor quality facials and therefore do not use them at all. Every item we use here is carefully screened and then is used on our customers.

At the Posh Nails and Spa, we offer you, our valued customers, a wide range of facial services. Here are some of them:

1) Facial Tinting: This service is best if you want to hide your facial hair and for getting a flawless skin on top of that! With service, you can finally leave being your busy world and enter a magic world of luxury, comfort and rejuvenation. If you want to give yourself a unique treatment, then you are at the right place and this is the ideal service for you. It shall leave you completely pampered, leaving you feeling great once more. With the Facial Tinting, you are able to hide your blemishes and facial hair for a week without needing threading.

2) Eyebrow Tinting: Eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why we ensure that your eyes always remain alluring. This service includes none of the lengthy processes like waxing, threading and tweezing. Our Eyebrow tinting services is enough. We use a high quality semi permanent dye for coloring, shaping and adding to the thickness of your eyebrows. Using the same technique, we are able to make it appear darker and fuller.

We offer high quality Facial Treatment service too which enhances your beauty like none other!

If you are interested in our services, then you can make an appointment by contacting us today http://poshspa.ca/ .

Find Rest and Repose at the Posh Nails and Spa

In our day-to-day life, we have become so busy taking care of our careers and relationships that we ignore the physical body itself. The result is that we constantly feel tired. This happens because when we do not take proper care of our bodies, it feels strained. That is why we tend to feel so tired throughout the day, even after 8 hours of sleep a night!

The good news is that body spa services can help you relax and rejuvenate once more. There are so many benefits of going to a body spa. It relieves:

1) Anxiety
2) Fibromyalgia
3) Digestive disorders
4) Headaches
5) Insomnia
6) Myofascial pain syndrome
7) Sports injuries
8) Soft tissue injuries and strains

At the Posh Nails and Spa, you are able to get a wide range of various body spa services, apart from a range of other beauty care services. Here are some of them:

1) Body Massage Therapy: For the stress relief of your body, this is the best option. Our expert professionals shall ensure that you are thoroughly relaxed and healed up. We offer a unique range of body massage techniques to achieve a lot in a short span of time, giving you value for money and high quality services at the same time.

2) Hot Stone Massage Therapy: This is one of our most popular services. It is also the ideal way to detoxify your body. We are one of the most popular spa in this area to offer this particular service. These hot stones are great in reducing stress and pain on your body. It is also best for improving your body’s blood circulation.

3) Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: If you have an injury or have chronic pain, then Deep Tissue Massage is the service you want. Our experts shall massage slowly, carefully and surely. You will not feel any pain. On the contrary, your pain shall decrease by leaps and bounds. Do this regularly, and your pain may go away entirely.

4)Thai Massage: Want to increase the body’s natural energy flow, relax your muscles and stimulate the nerves? Then you want the Thai Body Massage. As you can understand, this process started in Thailand, but is so effective that it has been adopted by the rest of the world.

These are only some of the myriad services that we offer you. If you are interested in our services and want to make an appointment, please contact us immediately.

Noteworthy points to get the best Facial Treatments Salon in Winnipeg

In the world full of pollution and dirt, facial treatment is one of the necessary things that you need to do. There are few things that you will have to take care of when it comes to getting the best facial treatments salon in Winnipeg. You will have to make sure that the facial treatment you do should enhance the beauty and rejuvenate your beauty. There are several salons that can help in getting the best facial treatment done. You will have to understand which one is the best and which can offer you the best treatment. You will have to be aware of the fact that all the facial treatment can help you get the best quality deals in the area.

Here are few things you need to keep in mind while opting for the best facial treatments salon in Winnipeg:

  1. Experience: It is important to look for the experience of the person who will be getting the treatment done. There are few things you will have to make sure of when it comes to getting the top quality deals in the areas. The experience of the person getting the facial treatment done matters a lot in order to get the best treatment done.
  2. Process: Well, this matters a lot. The process of the facial treatment matters a lot. The person who are getting the treatment done need to know the treatment process and make sure that you get the facial treatment done properly.
  3. Products used: Well, this is another important factor affecting the choice of the best products used. You need to take care of the fact that you choose the best product that will be used for the facial therapy. Therefore, you need to make sure of when it comes to getting the top quality deals in the area.

Therefore, it can be said that there are few things you will have to take care of when it comes to choosing the top quality deals in the area. There are many parlors that can help you take care of the when it comes to getting the best facial therapy done. The facial treatment that can help in getting the best quality deals are the ones that can help you get the best quality deals in the area. They will have to choose to get the best quality deals in the area. You need to be aware of the products that are used to get the glowing skin.

Benefits of Hot Stones Massage Therapy and finding the best Salon in Winnipeg

When you are planning to get the best quality massage you need to make sure that you choose the top quality deals in the area. There are certain things that you will have to take care of when you are looking for the best salon to get the hot stone massage therapy. Well, you might have seen images that adhere to the black pumice stones on the bare back. These stones were first used by the Chinese people as a process of healing and it was one of the most effective way of healing wounds and curing prolonged pains. When there were no metallic acupuncture instruments these stones were judged according to the weight and sharpness and places on the wound or the points that could cure the pain. Have you ever wondered what the usages are? Why do people opt for that? Well, there are several benefits of hot stone massage therapy.

If you are looking for the best hot stones massage therapy salon Winnipeg you should first be aware of the benefits these stones offer:

  1. The ancient healing process with the modern touch. If you have an injury that has been there for a long period of time and doesn’t go, you can use these stone therapies to relieve the area. In fact, you need to adhere to an expert in order to make sure that you get the best quality deals in the area. Without the expert advice it is hard to get the actually therapy and thereby the benefits.
  2. Rejuvenates body and completely calms it down. These stones are designed to relief pain and therefore, you can expect a completely new feeling after the stone therapy. There are many hot stones massage therapy salon in Winnipeg that can promise a quality therapy, but there are few that can offer you effective therapy.
  3. Activates Chakras and energizes your body. We have seven chakras in our body and these heated stone helps us activate those chakras and help in energizing our body. In order to feel this charm, you will have to make sure that you get the best salon that can help you get the perfect therapy.

Therefore, with the hot stone massage therapy, you can relief your pain and make sure that you choose the top quality deals in the area.  Being an acncient style of therapy hot stone massage therapy has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years.

Factors Affecting The Choice Of Manicure And Pedicure Salon In Winnipeg

Women always look up to being perfect. From tip to toe all are parts of their beauty regime. This is the reason why manicure and pedicure is one of the most important parts of the regime. However, there are women who struggle with their manicure and pedicure often try and find the best quality salon that can offer the deal for getting the desired result. Nonetheless, you need to careful while going to the salon. Wrong choice of the salon can lead to several problems. Therefore, in order to get the best manicure and pedicure salon in Winnipeg you will have to look for the ones that can promise to offer the best services.

Nails are prone to infection very easily and therefore, it is important to make sure that you treat it well whenever required. If you leave a cuticle unattended, there are chances that you might get a bad infection. Therefore, you need to adhere to the parlour that has experts to take care of the nails and the cuticles. What are the factors that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best nail salon:

Sanitation and hygiene : Hygiene is always at the top of the realising factors that can help you get the best salon. As mentioned earlier that there are chances of cuticle infection and therefore, you will have to make sure that the salon you are choosing offers hygienic ambiance to the visitors.

License : The parlour that you are dealing with should be licensed so as to make sure that you get the authentic products. There are several things that you need to make sure of when it comes to trusting and getting the top quality manicure and pedicure salon in Winnipeg.

Ambience : this is one of the most important parts and you need to make sure that you get the parlour that can offer the best ambiance. A good ambiance can do the half of the treatment. You can make sure that you get the best ambience to get a refreshing manicure and pedicure salon in Winnipeg.

Prices : This is a major lookout which makes it clear for the people to choose amongst the parlors. The ranges of service and the prices that are offered matters the most and also have to be taken proper care of.

Therefore, to conclude, it can be said that there are several factors that matter when it comes to getting the best manicure and pedicure treatment.